Tottori’s Transit Bus Unlimited Ride Ticket

It is information for foreigners who can travel to Japan.

In Tottori Prefecture, in order to promote the tourism of foreign tourists, the existing 3-day all-you-can-unlimited bus ticket (Tottori clan handling bus ride all-you bill) is sold for 1,000 yen as the price for inbound for the normal price 1,800 yen We will sell it at the place.

Tottori prefecture will subsidize the difference of 800 yen.

* Passport presentation is required for purchase.

  • Bus ticket handling facility for inbound
    • «Eastern»
      • Tottori City Tourist Information Office (within Tottori Station)
    • «Central»
      • Misasa Onsen Tourist Association
      • Kurayoshi Station Tourist Information Office
    • «Western»
      • Yonago Station Bus Terminal
      • Kaike Onsen Ryokan Association
      • Daisen Town Tourist Information Office
      • Yonago Airport Information Center

* Since the facility handling the price for inbound is only the above, please purchase after confirmation.

  • Implementation period
    • From May 24, Heisei 30 to March 31, 2013

※ Subsidized subject 2,000 sheets as soon as it is gone