Privacy Policy

Our INN KOINOYU (hereinafter referred to as “the hotel”) is a company that trusts from customers, business partners, recruit applicants (hereinafter referred to as “customers”) as a top priority, and accurately and properly , We believe that handling confidentially is the basis of “hospitality”. In order to recognize and thoroughly promote it by executive officers and all employees, we will comply with the law on personal information, and strive to protect personal information as stated below.

  • Regulations and regulations concerning the handling of appropriate personal information, such as acquisition, use and provision of personal information, are established, and officers and all employees will comply with it.
  • When acquiring personal information, we will gather by legal and fair means and use and provide within the scope of the purpose.
  • We will comply with domestic laws, regulations and other norms concerning protection of personal information.

However, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed.

  • When contacting the hotel’s e-mail and other information
  • In case of receiving an official inquiry based on law from a public institution such as a court or police
  • When there is a doubt of violation of the terms of use, and when it is necessary to disclose , provide according to laws etc.
  • When necessary to protect serious interests such as public life, health, property etc.
  • In addition, with the consent of the customer
  • In addition, when necessary for the operation of the service The hotel strives to continuously improve the protection and handling of personal information by observing laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and norms.